Many psychologists believe that doing what we like not only cheers us up but also has a positive effect on our condition in general. Many gardeners enjoy working on their plots with great pleasure. Well, for those who do not yet understand what they might like here, we will tell you about all the advantages of gardening.

Eco-therapy is a great way to maintain health

Scientists from many countries of the world talk about the benefits of human unity with nature. And in the UK, ecotherapy is successfully used throughout the country. Among the most important arguments in favor of this direction in treatment: availability, free of charge…

How to grow repair roses on your site

In this article, we will tell you how to properly grow remontant roses, taking into account their biological characteristics.

In addition, we will tell you in detail about this amazing form of the largest, lush and most beautiful roses created at the end of the 17th century in France.


Repaired roses were bred by the best French breeders to decorate royal palaces, parks and winter greenhouses.

Rose is generally considered a symbol of France behind the scenes. No wonder the best species and…

With such a shelter, your roses will live well until spring. If the winter is very cold, cover the entire bush with one layer of agrofibre and secure it at the bottom.

In our society, the idea has taken hold that gardening is for retired grandmothers. Now I am a grandmother, and I do not argue at all with the fact that pensioners love to grow carrots and peonies. But I have not forgotten how literally one or two generations ago the basics of gardening were instilled in every Soviet schoolchild from elementary grades.

Our small rural school had its own plot of land, on which crops were grown for the school cafeteria, and in the winter there was a greenhouse, the entrance to which was the privilege of high school students…

Andrey Konstantinovich Kurochkin is not just an amateur gardener. He is a great enthusiast, passionate about a beautiful and noble cause. He is also one of the gardening experts who share their knowledge with readers.

We met with him at his apartment in Moscow. The conversation was so interesting that the evening passed unnoticed.
My father taught me to love the garden, — Andrey Konstantinovich began the conversation. …

Garden design is a very personal thing and is often an expression of your personality. What I like you, you may not and vise versa. Some people like neat and tidy gardens where there are no surprises, others love the thrill of windy paths, lots of different plant material and not knowing what is around the corner. There are three main styles of gardens formal, semi formal and informal. They can then be divided into many types of gardens and that depends on what you would like. …

Walking home beyond London’s dreary Southbank on a winter’s day it wasn’t hard to look why we were invited to construct a roof garden there with the Eden Project one year before launching my BackyardPrime site. It turned into a miserable scene; the best coloration became a shiny yellow staircase, that you couldn’t cross up, and there were some concrete planters with a few useless looking vegetation in.

In London’s concrete jungle I war to discover inexperienced areas and, having suffered from melancholy, I instinctively am looking for out parks and other inexperienced spaces to stroll in once I am…

To be human is to be stressed. For our historic ancestors, stress may additionally have been encountering a predator. Today, modern-day stress can are available in many forms, from easy sadness or too tragic events. Unfortunately, our brains developed to address preventing our lives or going for walks from predators, now not the disappointment that comes with a malfunctioning smart telephone or when the net is going out.

What can we humans do to address those new styles of stresses inside the present-day global that we created? Does nature nevertheless have a function to play?

In essence, yes, nature nevertheless…

As a millennial myself, I think that is rubbish. How can young human beings be accused of lacking staying power while we’ll have to wait decades, if ever, until we control to have the funds for a residence and garden? And therein lies the crux of the matter.

Gardening calls for land — preferably land you very own. What young human beings certainly lack isn’t always patience, but gardens. In a survey of 500 14–24 year olds, 75% said that they enjoyed developing vegetation, however many added that they didn’t have the area. Two millennials gardeners Two millennials gardeners Gardeners

Most rented flats and homes haven’t any…

All these speeches on the probable drought this summer left me with a sufficient feeling. I garden in the driest region of Great Britain: in fact, I garden in the driest part of the driest region of Great Britain. Beth Chatto’s famous “dry” garden (planted with gravel on an old parking lot and never watered) is only 16 km away. Here in the east, we are equipped and ready to face the drought — we have to be.

Last week, Monty Don tweeted that a drought in Herefordshire is always welcome simply because they never have one. The division between…

Thomas Robertson

A Gardening Expert-Blogger, I write about gardening as there’s so much to learn from the soil that translates to life, There’s wonder & joy ❤︎

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