How to grow repair roses on your site

In this article, we will tell you how to properly grow remontant roses, taking into account their biological characteristics.

In addition, we will tell you in detail about this amazing form of the largest, lush and most beautiful roses created at the…

With such a shelter, your roses will live well until spring. If the winter is very cold, cover the entire bush with one layer of agrofibre and secure it at the bottom.

All these speeches on the probable drought this summer left me with a sufficient feeling. I garden in the driest region of Great Britain: in fact, I garden in the driest part of the driest region of Great Britain. Beth Chatto’s famous “dry” garden (planted with gravel on an old…

Thomas Robertson

A Gardening Expert-Blogger, I write about gardening as there’s so much to learn from the soil that translates to life, There’s wonder & joy ❤︎

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